Silent Hill, located in the Northeast of the United States, has its origin in the late 1600s when settlers came to the town. In the early 1700s though a mysterious epidemic broke out and the town was abandoned.
It wasn't until 1810 that the town was resettled as a penal colony, and the Silent Hill prison as well as Brookhaven Hospital were constructed. This was the time when the town actually was named ''Silent Hill''.

Around 1840 - about 20 years after Maine became a state - the prison was closed and due
to the discovering of a coal
field and the opening of the Wiltse coal mines, the town was revitalized. The Silent Hill Historical Society was then constructed on the former prison site. Holding many paintings including Allen Smith's famous ''Waterfront Landscape'', the Historical Society conveys a sense of the town's history.

One year after the outbreak of the civil war, the Toluca Prison Camp was constructed for POWs, in 1866 it was converted into Toluca Prison. One of the most famous citizen of Silent Hill was Patrick Chester, a soldier who fought in the civil war. A stone statue was built and placed in Rosewater Park as a memorial for him.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Wiltse coal mine was closed. Ever since then the town has drawn more and more people into this area, and so today Silent Hill is a popular vacation resort, know for its beauty and peacefulness.
The Lakeside Amusement Park was constructed, and not far from it, right at the shore of the atmospheric Toluca Lake, the Lakeview Hotel was built.

It is said that the whole area is sacred ground where native Americans conducted mysterious rituals. Before settlers came from Europe, Silent Hill was considered to be a holy place, and was referred to as ''The Place of the Silenced Spirits''. However, the natives where driven away by the European settlers and were forced to abandon the area.

Rumors: Since the late 1900s people started disappearing all over the town, and strange events happened occasionally, like the mayor of Silent Hill dies suddenly, and one after another staff member of a development group dies accidental deaths. It is said that an occult group, calling themselves ''The Order'', is situated in the town and has its origin in the old religion of the natives

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