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The Silent Hill Office of Tourism is a website dedicated to the videogame series Silent Hill, focused on the second installment. In our own way we want to bring Silent Hill to life by making costumes of characters and creatures, recreating items, building sets and reenacting scenes from the games.

In Take a Tour you will follow in the footsteps of James Sunderland on his search for his wife Mary and visit the places you saw in Silent Hill 2. Non of the pictures you will find there are screenshots from the game, everything you see are photos of real, physical items, with the only exception of the Maria at Heavens Night picture, in which the original background of the CG artwork was used.
Even the townsmap on which the locations are marked is not a screenshot from the game but a completely self made version of the map.

In the Photos section you will find links to our costume pages as well as the pages of other people who were drawn to the town, each of them with great cosplays and photos that reflect the atmosphere of the particular Silent Hill game as well as the aura of the characters and creatures.

Inspired by the desolation of Silent Hill, Urban Development contains Urban Exploration type photos of abandoned and decayed locations we visited, or places that simply look like they could be part of the town.

Workshops will show you detailed information about what the outfits of the Silent Hill characters consist of, with plenty of refernece pictures. You will also find us and visitors telling you how we personally made the costumes, hoping that this will help you making your own Silent Hill cosplay.

The Videos section provides links to entertaining Silent Hill cosplay videos made by fans.

Additional Information is our collection of links to our affiliates and other Silent Hill fansites.

All of these sections will be updated regularly.
The actual updates will be posted in the News section, so keep checking back!

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