By taking their interest in Silent Hill to a whole other level some fans and cosplayers produced these entertaining videos you might enjoy.

Silent Hill Spoof

"Silent Hill Spoof"
A hilarious short spoofing the Silent Hill 1 storyline.

Silent Hill 2:  The Movie

"Silent Hill 2: The Movie"
A funny take on James Sunderland's journey through Silent Hill.

And It Burns, Burns, Burns

"And It Burns, Burns, Burns"
A father-daughter story.

And It Burns, Burns, Burns
"Pyramid Head Unplugged"
Pyramid Head showing us his romantic side.
And It Burns, Burns, Burns
"Pyramid Head Test Footage"
As the title says, by Creativeguy.
And It Burns, Burns, Burns
"One Night at Brookhaven Hospital"
A short clip of Pyramid Head pursuing a random victim.
Run For The Hills

"Run For The Hills"
Angela finds a strange kind of love in Silent Hill.

The Loneliness of Pyramid Head

"The Loneliness of Pyramid Head"
A day in the life of Pyramid Head.

"Silent Hill: Inspiration Part 1"
A young guitarist is lead to Silent Hill. Russian with English subtitles.

"Silent Hill: Inspiration Part 2"
The guitarist's story continues. Or ends?

"Silent Hill's scariest thing"
A parody about the sometimes awkward controls in Silent Hill 1.

"Silent Hill - Lost Innocence"
Short fan film starring Killersmemo as Heather.
"Silent Hill - Lost Days"
Short film based on Konami's Silent Hill 2.

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