Costume: Alessa Gillespie - Silent Hill : Origins

In Silent Hill Origins Alessa is only seven years old. It sureley is more convincing when a shorter cosplayer is doing this costume, considering the average seven year old girl being only 43 inches tall.

Aside from that a few things about her physical appearance have been changed, most likely inspired by the look of the movie version of Alessa. In Origins her eyes are blue, and in the in-game graphics her hair is a warm medium brown, while in the FMV she still has the natural black hair; most of the time it is worn in a pony tail.

's school uniform seems to be a one piece dress now with a belt around the waist. The belt has two o-shaped buttons or buckles on the front which are white in the ingame graphics. In the FMVs the buttons are missing. The dress is longer than it was in Silent Hill 1, showing only about two inches of skin above her knees. No earrings!

The collar of the dress shirt is a little smaller and covers less of the chest, and instead of a red ribbon the school uniform includes a red and black striped tie which is tucked in underneath the dress.
The shoes from the original game have been replaced with flat Mary-Janes.

How Straywind made it:

I found an old plain dress pattern, which I modified to make Alessa's school uniform in a deep purple fabric. I had to make a belt, which was sewn into the waist of the dress in spots and closed around the back with velcro.

The dress was the only part of the costume that I had to make from scratch. The dress shirt Alessa wears under her dress in Origins has a rather large collar and I was lucky enough to have a perfect shirt to use that my friend made for me for another costume. The tie was a gift from a friend. I never expected that it would come in handy for a costume like this.

The socks were basic knee-highs and the shoes were also a lucky find. I had purchased them at a second-hand store a year or so before I made the costume. I had grown out my hair and I simply had to straighten it and tie it up. The dress was a bit of a challenge to make based on the pattern I used but the rest of the costume was really easy to put together from items I had in my closet.

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