Costume: Alex Shepherd - Silent Hill : Homecoming


This is yet another costume that should not be too difficult to make. Alex wears a field jacket with two large pockets on the upper chest and two small pockets on the bottom. The bottom pockets look more like simple ornamental flaps though instead of real pockets and the collar of the jacket is up.
The color is tan, and just like with James' jackt it some-times looks like it has a hint of camouflage pattern to it.
A "hint" of camouflage does not make sense on a military jacket though, so I would rather go with a solid color.
On the right upper arm is a badge of the flag of the United States, which for some reason is mirror-inverted. The yellow and blue crest on his left arm shows a pillar with three lightning bolts.
Above it it says SPECIAL FORCES.
Underneath the jacket Alex wears a black t-shirt.

Alex has short dark brown hair. I don't know what you call this particular hairstyle, after researching on google all I figured out was "cool men hairstyle'.
Google it and you will find a lot of image results with guys with similar hair cuts.

His pants are medium gray-brown. It is hard to tell what kind of pants they are, the color-texture almost looks like denim, the cut itself not really. This is not helpful at all, sorry. The shoes give us a similar problem, when taking a close look at the high res image of the CG model it seems like his tan shoes might have laces. Maybe. Maybe not.

He carries a green G.I. style angle head flashlight and a black walkie talkie. The dog tags which he wears on a military ball chain say:


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