Costume: Dahlia Gillespie - Silent Hill 1

Although Dahlia is only 46 years old in the first Silent Hill game, she looks significantly older. This requires some make up skills, adding the dark shadows and wrinkles on your face to make yourself look older and to put on all the make up that Dahlia actually is wearing: black eyeliner and mascara, purple and gray eyeshadow on the upper eylids, a redish one on the bottom, and some darker blush.
Dahlia has straight, gray hair, the length is something between her chin and shoulders, and she wears a light gray, lace head scarf.

Underneath her dress she has a long sleeve sweater on, the material is very dark gray and ribbed. It seems to have a low cut cleavage though since you can only see its sleeves.
The dress itself is knee-length and - probably due to the limited possibilities back then - of a rater indefinable pattern mix of dark brown and medium brown. The bottom hem has a broad ocher line with a little bit of a crazy black pattern on it.
She also wears a white underskirt that goes down about half her shin and has a thick black line about half an inch above the edge.

Over her dress she has some sort of shawl which is made from the same material as the dress ans also has the ocher bottom hem.
Also not to forget Dahlia's stylish red and black tie and the fact that she is not wearing shoes.

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