Costume: Douglas Cartland - Silent Hill 3
Being fifty-something years old, Douglas is one of the oldest characters in all of the Silent Hill games. Because of this you either have to be about the same age or use make up to get yourself to look like the older detective; a fake gray beard or coloring your beard gray is going to be a very good start.
He also wears a dark gray hat, which will mainly hide if your hair is not as gray as his.

Douglas wears a simple, tan trench coat with two pockets on the front, and he has the collar stand up. The lining of the coat is checkered in red, white and black.
Underneath the coat he wears a normal white dress shirt with the top buttons open, and a redish tie and a lighter pattern on it. The tie is loosened on the top, making him look like he just got off work and wants to be a little more comfortable.

His pants are dark gray-brown, the shirt is tucked in and he uses a black leather belt.
The shoes are black, laced dress shoes.

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