Costume: Eddie Dombrowski - Silent Hill 2
Eddie's outfit is actually rather easy to make. The most difficult part here is the physical appearance, since Eddie is one of the very few obese Silent Hill characters.
He has medium-short, light blond hair under a blue denim baseball cap which he wears backwards and slightly pulled down at the back of his head. The hat has an adjustable strap on the back with a silver buckle.

He wears a worn looking polo shirt with thick light & medium blue horizontal stripes. The collar and the button tape are white. All over the colors of the shirt look rather washed out.
Additionally his shirt is dirty; it seems to have a lot of sweat stains on the front, the upper back and under the arms. You might be able to fake those by applying cooking oil onto the fabric and let it dry.
On the front left is a small dark indigo logo. It has a small oblong circle inside a larger oblong circle, with some letters between the circles on the top and the bottom.
It is difficult to make out what it says because I could not find a render that is big enough, and in-game as well as in the FMVs it is too blurred to make it all out. The top seems to read "SAW", on the bottom is a word beginning with NO (?). Maybe "NORTH"?

Eddie wears his shirt tucked in his dark brown, knee long shorts, which are of a very plain design with no pockets on the front but only two pockets on the back.
There is no belt or visible belt loops, I suspect that these shorts have some sort of elastic waistband/front zipper combo going on. Maybe not even a zipper since there is not button showing.

His shoes are old, dirty white and black tennis shoes and Eddie has thick, dark reddish brown socks, of which only the right one is pulled up. He also wears thick dark blue wrist bands.

A revolver or a slice of pizza will be very appropriate props.

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