Costume: Eileen Galvin - Silent Hill 4 : The Room
The default outfit of Eileen gives you the oportunity for making up to three versions of the same costume: uninjured, injured and possessed.

Either way, Eileen has about chin-length medium ash brown hair with just a few bangs on her right side. She wears gray-purple eye shadow and lipstick in light plum.
Instead of a necklace she uses a black lacy collar.

She wears a short, plum colored neckholder dress made of a smooth, slightly shiny fabric. The cleavage is low, as is the back of the dress. Around the waist it has vertical strips of black lace, and around the hips she has a silver chain.

Matching her dress and make-up, Eileen wears purple high heels with shoe straps and wide silver bracelets with a white-ish pattern on both her wrists. Her fingernails are painted in a pale, pink-ish lilac.

However, if you decide to do the injured version, you will need to use a lot of make up to cover yourself in fake bruises, abrasions and to make the numbers 20121 carved into the skin of your back. Faked, of course.
Additionally a large patch over your right eye, a cast on your entire left arm and bandages around your right forearm and your left lower calf.

Taking it a step further and doing the possessed version requires a lot more make up or (even better) body paint to paint the big dark, bruise-like looking patches all over your body. The more possessed you are going for, the more marks there will be.
Unfortunately they most likely won't be moving around on their own, like they do in the game.

One of the big advantages about the Eileen costume is the handbag. Being her first weapon, this gives a cosplayer a great opportunity to carry their personal items with them.
Also, if you go for the injured or possessed version you don't need to worry about your feet hurting in those shoes. Limping and looking like you suffer will make the whole thing very convincing.

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