Costume: Elle Holloway - Silent Hill : Homecoming
Elle's hair is a warm, very light blond, worn in a short pony tail, using a dark ponytailer.
Only a few strands of hair frame the face which seem to be a little bit to short to reach the pony tail. Also, taking a closer look at the texture uf her hair, it seems wavy.
Her eyes are blue, the color brought out more by the brown eye shadow she uses.

She wears a red shirt under a dark and light gray zipper jacket of a very unique and interesting design. The jacket has a stand up collar and two big pockets on the front, the zipper is only closed from the bottom up to underneath her bossom, showing the red shirt underneath.
The jacket also is rather short, exposing part of the waist, and the sleeves are only three quarter length.

Elle wears low rise, straight cut, skin tight jeans, the color is gray with a slight brown-ish tint to it.
The shoes are black women's boots with 1,5 inch heels. You can't really tell how hight up those boots go, but as long as they are covered by the pantlegs it is fine.

As an accessory the pendant with the photos of Elle and Nora would be a nice idea. Unfortunately I could not find high quality images of it, but it seems to be just a plain silver, oblong photo pendant, maybe it has some pattern engraved on the outside, but I really can't make it out.

Special thanks to Mr. Kenzie Louis LaMar who created many of the 3D models for Silent Hill: Homecoming and gave us the permission to use the screenshots of the Elle model from his website

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