Costume: Harry Mason- Silent Hill 1
Harry's outfit is not a very difficult one. His hair is medium to dark brown, about one to two inches long and combed back. You might want to use some gel or hair spray.

His look consists of a gray shirt with a big collar, a black vest worn over it and over top of that a brown leather jacket. It seems like the jacket has two pockets with flaps on medium height, and two angled pockets toward to front bottom corners of his jacket.. His orange flashlight is clipped onto the upper left part of his jacket, it doesn't look like it is in the pocket with the flap though but above it.

Boot cut blue jeans and black boots wit no laces. He wears a black belt with a golden buckle.

Great props would be a little girl dressed as Cheryl. Since this is rather difficult to do though you might want to have a steel pipe instead. A drill would be funny but again rather difficult especially if you plan on attending a convention.

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