Costume: Heather - Silent Hill 3
Short, light blond hair, slightyly wavy. Heather obviously dyes her hair, and dark roots are showing at the parting of the hair. If you use a wig you can fake this effect easily by carefully applying brown mascara. Heather wears little to no make up, which gives her the tired look, so do not use it either. No lipstick or gloss, no foundation, eyeshadow...

The sleeveless turtleneck shirt she wears underneath her vest is of a pale yellowish orange made of a thin, matt material.
The vest itself is a made of a white. lightly wadded, matt material. F
our big, rectangular pockets with flaps decorate its front, and Heather carries her green flashlight in her upper left pocket. The vest closes with buttons which are hidden behind a flap on the front, and the collar turns into a hood. The armholes are bigger than the ones of the orange shirt, making it visible under her arms.

The wristbands/sweatbands are orange, but the color is darker and more red-tinted than the turtleneck shirt. Black and gray wristwatch.

The skirt looks like olive green denim with pockets on the front but not on the back. It is quite short, covering only about a third of the thighs.

The boots almost look like rubber boots in a warm chocolate-brown color with orange sole and upper edge. They also have little straps with orange buckles on the sides which seem to be more of a decoration that actually serving a practical purpose.

If you go for props you have many choices. Various weapons, her pendant, the Seal of Metatron, the Drawing Block, or - just to be funny - a hair dryer will do the job.

How Dodo made it:
Being one of my first cosplays, I tried to improvise because I didn't really know how to make a vest like this and couldn't find a good pattern either.
So I ended up searching on ebay for weeks until I found a vest that was kind of close, having four pockets on the front and a hood.

The pockets don't look the right way though, which I am now still planning on changing. I also had to add new lining to the hood because the original one was grey.

The shirt originally was yellow. Changing the color was quite a pain because the shirt is made of synthetic fiber, making it impossible to use fabric dye, so I ended up carefully spray painting it with acrylic spray paint. With stuff like this you have to be careful though to not apply too much paint or the fabric will become stiff.
I was very lucky with the skirt though, it was a jeans skirt I already owned. Just like Heather's, it only has pockets on the front, so I just had to first bleach it and then use green fabric dye. When you do that, keep checking the color of the fabric every few minutes to get the shade right.

My boots I got off ebay as well, they were plain rubber boots, painted brown and orange and then I added a strip of leather with belt buckles on the sides.
The wristbands I made myself from thick/fluffy orange fabric.
Ebay also was where I got my wig from. It was a long, slightly wavy wig which my sister (Alessa) cut and styled. The dark roots were made by here with mascara and the flashlight was purchased at a local hardware store.
Alessa also made a pendant for me out of a plastic globe and window color. My gun is a soft gun and the steel pipe was made from a steel pipe and an elbow connection from a hardware store.

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