Costume: Lisa Garland- Silent Hill 3
Lisa's hair is about shoulder-length and the color
varies between light blond in the ingame graphics
and strawberry blond in the FMVs and most of the artworks. She wears a nurse hat of a somewhat indefinable shape as well as green earrings.

The nurse dress is white, almost knee-long, with a
rather low cleavage and a big but simple collar. It
has a small pocket on the top left and a bigger
pocket on the bottom right and is worn with a
white belt. In the game Lisa carries a pen in the
upper pocket.
Such a dress can easily be made or you can try to
find a similar one online, look for "vintage nurse
dress" for best results.

Lisa wears a waist-length, red sweater jacket over the dress which doesn't show buttons or a zipper, the green badge on the right arm and on her upper pocket say SP

For some reason Lisa seems to find red pumps the most comfortable shoes to perform her duties in. The heel is not very high though, something between one and two inches.
Last but not least, do not forget to get red nail polish that matches the color of the jacket and shoes.

If you decide to do the bloody version of Lisa, simply get some fake blood and - if desired - make/buy a second dress.

How Straywind made it:
When I decided to make this costume I planned to buy a nurse dress to modify but after a long search I gave up because the collar of Lisa's dress has such a specific look to it. The base pattern for the dress was Simplicity pattern number 4632. I used a collar from a different old pattern though.

Much like my dress for Alessa, I had to make my own belt for the costume, which was sewn into the side seams and closed in the front using velcro with a modified buckle sewn on top.

The fabric that I used for the dress was really thick (mostly for the sake of my modesty) but that made it hard to use for a dress as it's really stiff. I would recommend using a thinner fabric for Lisa because it looks like hers may have a bit more flow to it. At the same time, uniforms do tend to be
a bit stiff looking so it's all about finding balance. I messed up on the length of the skirt when I first made my dress (I made it too short) but I re-made the skirt and sewed it in at the waist after I wore this costume for the first time so it's more accurate.

The wig was from eBay. I searched for blonde wigs with skin tops till I found one that was the perfect shade for the costume. My mother knit my sweater for me. I canít thank her enough for that. Since it was hand-made the sweater doesnít have buttons and has a more accurate look to it versus my original plan that was to buy and modify a store bought sweater.
The hat was made by modifying a pattern from the sewing section of I would recommend Googling to find the pattern for pretty much all the nurse costumes from the Silent Hill games. My red high heels were a pain to wear but looked really nice. I also found them on eBay. I made my green badge on the computer using Photoshop and a lot of trial and error and the armband was made from a scrap of leftover material from my Heather skirt. I made a stencil and traced the "SP" lettering using permanent marker. I then sewed the armband to my sweater. This turned out to be a very complicated costume with a lot of detail but it was so worth it when I finally got to wear the finished product.

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