Costume: Maria - Silent Hill 2
Bleached hair, a little more than chin-long. The tips are - depending on the graphic style - light pink to dark magenta, the roots are dark. Maria wears golden earrings, their look can only be described as "long, crazy shaped". She wears a chocker made of the same material as the skirt, with one charm on the front which is a little smaller than the ones on her skirt. Pink eyeshadow and a subtle medium red lipstick finish the look.

Her sweater jacket exposes her midriff, and it has three gray buttons of which the bottom one isn't closed. The jacket's color always is a little different too, I would suggest a light burgundy though. The sleeves are very long and even cover part of her hands. Under the sweater she wears another shirt which is - depending on the graphic style - olive green or olive brown.

Maria's skirt is made of a smooth, shiny pink leopard print fabric. It is a little longer than Heather's skirt, the bottom edge
should be just out of reach of your fingertips when you stand upright, and the upper edge should sit about 1 1/2 inches underneath your bellybutton.
Her white stockings actually have a big, pale leopard print pattern too, this can only be seen in the CG artworks though.

On her skirt Maria wears two "belts". One is nothing but a teal band right underneath the top edge of the skirt.
The other belt is a golden chain on the front half of the skirt, to which three golden charms are attached.

These do have a pattern on them which looks like the eagle on the back of an American quarter. Still those charms are not actual quarters since they are way bigger than the coins. The charms on the skirt are bigger than the one on the choker, except for the one on her far right. The chain-belt is attached to the skirt with a longish, rectangular clip on her left side and a round clip on her right side.

Maria also wears three rings, a broad, grooved, golden one with on her left middle finger, a big silver ring with a round black ornament on the top on her right middle finger, and a plain, thin silver ring on her right ring finger. Don't forget to use some pink nail polish!
The right side of her stomach shows a butterfly tattoo, if you look closely you can tell that there is another one below it (towards her belly button) although it is mostly hidden underneath her skirt.
The boots she wears are black leather, the sole and heel are gray and the bottom of the sole is red.

How Alessa made it:

I found a blond wig on ebay that had sort of a similar cut, but was longer, so I just had to cut it. The roots I darkened with carefully applied mascara
and spray painted the tips dark pink. I used some acrylic spray paint though to make sure it won't damage the artificial hair of the wig.

The pink leopard print fabric was found on ebay, an old skirt of a similar cut was used as pattern. The choker closes in the back with a small piece of of velcro, the edges of it were painted black with water resistent marker. The golden chain for the belt was also found on ebay; all the golden coins were parts of cheap costume earrings I found at Claire's. (Claire's is a fantastic place for little accessories like this!)
I didn't find them in gold though, only in silver, so I ended up spray painting them golden.
For the teal band I simply bought some thin satin band at a fabric store and carefull sewed it on.

With the jacket I was very lucky, I was walking past a small boutique for seniors where they had this jacket on display for a very low price. It has the perfect color and a very similar cut, I just had to shorten it a lot. Unfortunately the sleeves aren't long enough though. For the shirt Maria wears underneath the jacket I sacrificed an old summer shirt.

The boots also were already in my possession for years, so I painted the bottom red. I bought some white stockings as well as the make up and nail polish and I was good to go.

How Killersmemo made it:

I started with the red jacket (one I already owned), which I had to cut and sew well because it was very long, then I removed the original buttons and added three big white bottons, except for the one at the bottom which did not get replaced.

The skirt was made from a piece of fabric I bought in a cheap shop close to home...and the great thing was that it was alredy pink so Ijust had to sew it the right way, following the shape of the hips (though it looks very tight). I wore grey undershirt and you can see a little piece of it out of my red jacket, covering the chest slightly.

To make the jewelry I had to go mad a little because I couldn't get the golden pendants easily, but after spending some time searching, I found a very old necklace my mom had but didn't wear anymore. So I took four of the many golden coins it was made of: One of these I used to make Maria's necklace, held on a little strip of cloth I cut from the pink-leopard skirt. For the belt I took a golden chain I already owned and then added the other three coins on it just like Maria's, so I hooked it on a green, very narrow ribbon(probably the most difficult part of the costume, because Icouldn't really sew it well, not too tight or loose or I risked to get the look weird.

The black boots were just the same as Maria's and im very happy about this aspect...I found them easily in a shoe store and I paid very little. Don't forget to wear white stockings!!

Last things...I didnt wear a wig, just coloured my hairtips red with hairspray colour, added the pink eyeshadow, pink-transparent lipgloss, fake fingernails and a golden ring I on the middle finger of my left hand...that's it!

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