Costume: Mary Shepherd-Sunderland - Silent Hill 2
Mary's has long, auburn-brown hair, pinned up into a loose knot at the back of her head.
She uses some basic make up, including some light pink lipstick and a hint of light pink eyeshadow. On her golden necklace she has an oblong, pale pendant with a blue drop-shaped ornament in the middle. Mary also wears pearl-studs and her wedding band is either silver, white gold or platinum. A plain silver ring will do it.

Her knee-long dress is cream-colored with a pale-red flower pattern and a big collar which is visible over her light dusky-pink sweater jacket which she wears over the dress.
The jacket is buttoned and the front middle part of it is shorter than the rest.

The shoes are ivory pumps of a simple style and Mary might be wearing sheer stockings, considering that the color of her legs looks a little bit different from the rest of her skin.

How Alessa made it:

The Mary cosplay was quite easy and cheap to make. I found fabric with floral pattern similar to Mary's dress at a fabric store of which I made a skirt and the collar. Since you can never see the entire dress in the game I decided to make things easier and to do it like this.

The collar is attached to the inside of the jacket and wrapped around it to make it look like I'm wearing the full dress underneath it.

The necklace is my own, it has a similar shape and in the middle a blue moon stone. Pearl studs can easily be found at just about every store that has one of those cheap costume jewelry racks, I got mine at Claire's, same with the wedding band.

My jacket is store bought but modified. It was too long and wasn't shorter on the front either.
I think I got the shoes at a local shoe store. Actually it is more difficult than you think to find pumps in this color. Later on I found out that online bridal accessories stores offer a big variety, those are a little more expensive though

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