Costume: Memory of Alessa - Silent Hill 3
The Memory of Alessa is practically an exact copy of Heather, except for the color and textures.
Representing the burnt Alessa, her skin is completely covered with burns and scars, showing the raw flesh underneath.
This requires some good make up skills and a lot of time.

The haircut is the same as Heather's but instead of blond it is black. The face shows two big patches of missing epidermis, one on her forehead and one on her right cheek/eye area.

Her vest is tan and brown with lots of dark stains like dried blood, a few fresher looking blood splatters on the front. The back shows intense weathering.
The shirt underneath is dark gray, almost black.

The skirt is brownish-gray, also with a lot of dark stains on it. Her boots are dark gray, and just like the rest of the clothes shows a lot of dark stains.

Her wristbands are dark gray-ish purple with dark blood spatters on them and on the wristwatch.

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