Costume: Puppet Nurse - Silent Hill 1
The mother of all the Silent Hill Nurse creepyness, and yet extremely under-cosplayed.

In the original Silent Hill game the Puppet Nurses were the actual hospital staff, infected and taken over by parasites that attached themselves to the back of the nurses.
So now there are four different looking types of nurses in
the game: blond with blue jacket, blond with green jacket, brunette with blue jacket and brunette with green jacket;
since the nurses that worked at Alchemilla all looked different.
Because of this it doesn't really matter if you are young, old, what color and style your hair is or what bodytype you are.

So all that really matters is the outfit itself: The dress is just like the one of Lisa Garland, since it is the same Alchemilla hospital nurse uniform. The only difference is that the Puppet Nurses do not wear the SP badges and their cleavage is less revealing. Also their hats look like normal nurse hats while Lisa's has a more round shape.

Their jackets seem to be longer and wider than Lisa's and are either green or blue. On their back sits the parasite which looks a lot more simple ingame than in the artwork. So it is up to you how you want to make it.
The shoes are plain white nurse slippers and should be easy to find in most shoe stores.

One rather unique thing about the Puppet Nurses is that they and the Puppet Doctors are the only creatures in all of the Silent Hill games that have fresh blood stains on them.

How Alessa made it:

This costume wasn't very difficult. My brother's girlfriend who is a similar bodytype than I am, already had a Lisa costume and so she helped me making an Alchemilla Hospital uniform for me, using her Lisa dress as pattern.

The green jacket was found on ebay, unfortunately it is a size too small so now especially the sleeves are too tight and way too short. But it was the only one I could find that had a similar color and style to the ones of the Puppet Nurse, and the shoes are from a local shoe store.

The parasite is made simple since this costume was a last minute decision before a convention, so I used foam cut into the basic shape like it looks ingame, added a little bit of detail, glued pieces of stocking over it and glued the parasite to the back of the jacket. After that I applied several layers of liquid latex over the parasite and part of the jacket to make it sort of look like the parasite is part of the jacket and to give the thing a more fleshy texture. Then I painted it and splashed red paint on the dress, hat and shoes as well as over my right leg to make it look like the blood was dripping down onto my leg.

I also used heavily dilluded black acrylic paint on my skin to get me to look like I'm dead for several hours. Next time I will try to get some real body paint though because I had to use nailpolish remover all over to get clean again.

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