Costume: Travis Grady - Silent Hill : Origins

Our beloved Lorry Driver wears a dark grey truckers hat with netting on the
back part. On the front is a patch saying AUTO GARAGE BRAHMS.
Travis has dark brown hair and a dark five o'clock shadow.

He wears a burgundy/white plaid shirt, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, the upper two buttons are open.
The quilted vest is bicolor; tan for the bottom part and brown for the shoulders and collar.
The amount of horizontal seams on the tan part varies, in the PSP version there are always only two seams. In the PS2 version there are two seams in the FMVs, but three in the in-game graphics. It is up to you how you make it.
The zipper on the vest has about the same color as the tan part. It is difficult to make out the materials of the vest though. The brown shoulders might be some leathery material, the tan part should be something that's not shiny but a stronger fabric.

Normal blue jeans and a black belt with a fancy silver buckle, the shoes seem like yellow Timberland boots.

Travis also wears a silver wrist watch on his left arm, the flashlight is clipped onto the vest.


How Choi made it:

For the logo on Travis' hat I searched for a picture on internet of a close up of his head. I asked in a US Silent Hill forum for the text on the logo because it wasn't very clear in the picture I found. Then I made an image in Adobe Ilustrator in real size.

I have a friend who has a machine to embroid images and make patches, so the logo was embroidered on the cap. A friend helped me to make the vest, I bought the materials at a store (two kinds of a leather-like fabric) and she sewed it and put all together.

The rest of the clothes I bought at a second-hand shop. I was lucky because I found a shirt with the color and pattern very similar to Travis' shirt.

I bought a little chest flashlight and the new cover was made with the plastic of a folder, the buttons were two tacks and the stains were painted with acrylic paint.

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