Costume: Vincent - Silent Hill 3

Vincent has medium length brown hair. His glasses are oblong and don't have a frame, the arms are silver.
He obviously has quite a problem with acne, especially around his mouth and a little bit on his cheeks. Luckily though his five o'clock shadow covers most of it up and distracts from it.

He is wearing a brown vest over a white dress shirt. The back of the vest is made of a more shiny fabric in a warmer brown tone than the front. In the back it also has small loop to adjust the size a bit, on the front it has two decorative pockets on each side.
The upper two buttons of the white dress shirt aren't closed, on the sleeves he wears round white, bronze framed cuff links.

His pleated pants are tan, with two little pockets on the back and two large, angled pockets on the front.

The shoes are normal black leather dress shoes, similar to those Henry is wearing.

An old looking book will be the best prop for this costume.

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